Advanced equipments, diagnostic tools and new surgical techniques means better services to all our clients and customers.

East Agency Medical Supplies is a company that is driving a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. With a focus on providing innovative solutions, the company is constantly seeking out new and better ways to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Whether it's through cutting-edge technology or new and improved products, East Agency is always looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. With a commitment to quality and a passion for progress. With its focus on sustainability, East Agency is leading the way in creating a new standard for medical supplies companies and demonstrating the importance of environmental responsibility in healthcare.

Vision Statement

Focused on values, we aim to create a paradigm shift in each industry we get involved, resulting in a remarkable experience for our stakeholders.

Mission Statement

Promote a culture of creativity and aspiration for “SOMETHING NEW TO KNOW” as we continue to progress and grow. Build a long-term investment portfolio, while keeping in mind our society, environmental, and economic responsibility for the entire community.

Impact Values

Innovation And Creative Thinking
Manage and measure
Commitment to high ethics